The call of the grail


the journey to a polyphonic European identity

Next Caravan March 4-16, 2022

Dear friends, you can join us for the entire journey or selected time windows of arrival and departure.

Section #1  Terra Parzival, Slovenia, March 4-6.

Section #2  Bosnia and Montenegro, March 7-13

Section #3  Tirana/Albania, Pristina/Kosovo and Vrsac/Serbia, March 13-16.

This is our third Cultural Caravan across the West Balkans, a summer caravan to follow in July 13-30, 2022, to be confirmed.

Section #1:
Terra Parzival, March 4-6

Section #2:
Bosnia & Montenegro, March 7-13

Section #3:
Albania to Serbia, March 13-16

See details of each section for more information

Please note: This time we do not sell tickets for the cultural programme. Please register for your participation at each section and transfer the total amount for food, administraion and donation to the account of Gandin Foundation (see at the bottom of the page).
Please book the accomodation by yourself and organize the arrival (car sharing recommended).


How do the inspiring images of Parzival story challenge the formulation of our questions today, as we face the multiple crises in all fields of modern life?


We will follow the challenging thoughts of Rüdiger Blankertz to re-callibrate our world-view and Miha Pogacnik will support the journey with a musical process.


How can this magic landscape inspire our imagination?

let us tell you more...

few words of welcome

I am standing on the terrace of castle Borl-Ankenstein and looking back on 42 years of the IDRIART movement. Looking back through the memory of the old tower, to the knight Parzival and his time in the 9th century; His response to the call of the Grail.

You can support Terra Parzival projects in several ways. Welcome to read more in article.


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From Slovenian roots to europian indentity (SLO)

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Terra parzival - international festival of styria (SLO)

Radio Slovenske gorice

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Terra parzival is awakening (photo galery)

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EUROPA UNFINISHED MASTERPIECE, a journey to polyphonic European identity

Slovenia the bridge between the Western Balkans and EU. EUROPA UNFINISHED MASTERPIECE, a journey to polyphonic European identity INTERDISCIPLINARY CULTURAL CARAVAN, ACROSS THE BALKANS TO BRUSSELS June 26 to July 9, 2020 (Project phase #4, see attached file, of phase#1, 2017) The schedule 2020: Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 26 Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina, June 27/28 Belgrade, Serbia, June…


In 2019 The IDRIART Movement will reach 42 years of its „pilgrimage“ around the world. Over 200 festivals unfolded motivating thousands of participants to „pack their suitcases“ and travel with the artists to crisis areas everywhere, to celebrate  meetings of cultures with the local population, turning crisis to new opportunities. – Why this type of festivals?…

Parzival and Slovenia

Slovenian landscape is associated with Parzival in many ways. It is not just the fact that Slovenia, as Parzival as an individual, is itself geographically and culturally uniting east and west, the northern formative and southern life-giving forces, but it is also specifically mentioned in the content and an essential part Eschenbach’s epic Parzival. To…

this is an inspiration quote

“Now tell we of strange adventures
thro´which joy shall be waxen low,

And yet pride shall
grow the greater,
of the twain doth this story show.”

From Parzival, a knightly epos

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