Europe and 16° Meridian

This is the “Cathedral periphery of the Terra Parzival Macro Violin”, the sacred, inward music of “Europa, Unfinished Masterpiece”. Piercing through the middle of her is the 16° Meridian drawn by flaming sword of St. Mihael (speaking in mythological language. St. Mihael is known in older cultures by the names of Mithras, Marduk, Indra. Today we would call it living human all-encompassing intelligence.) Macro European Violin is standing on eternal fires of Etna, taking the Axis of 16° Meridian orientation over St. Mihael cave-cathedral of Monte Gargano, through most magic natural Blue Cave of Biševo island, Archangel Island, St. Mihael fortress of ŠibenikSt. Mihael monasteryon Krka, BihačZagreb, reaching the “bridge” at the castle Borl with surrounding Mithras temples and St. Mihael churches, ViennaLignice and KoberwitzGottlandStockholm and finishing with the tip of the scroll high up in the Hyperborean North of Lofoten. So is the Macro European Violin stretched between North and South, receiving living breath through the fire-violin-bow from East to the West!