Europe – unfinished masterpiece


The Creative Journey from Experience to Knowledge and Strategy!

The meaning-pregnant organism of musical masterpiece touches us directly in the heart of our feelings, resonating forth this gentle power through all provinces of inner life. Over time these experiences transform themselves into fruitful environment for clear thinking of archetypal understanding or better: OVERstanding. It was 33 years ago, when playing for the first time in the magnificent cathedral of Chartres, I was inspired with such feeling: here you don’t play on the violin, you must try to play “on the entire cathedral”, on the “Macro Violin””! (See Otto Scharmer, Theory U, page 216).

Now, after long journey, this archetypal thinking reveals to us: as it is with the resonance relation of a violin and the cathedral, so we hear the emerging future: TERRA PARZIVAL MACRO VIOLIN resonating with EUROPA, UNFINISHED MASTERPIECE!

Of all multiple societal challenges washing over us at the present time, the point of Archimedes must be placed in the depth: to turn around the “crisis of meaning”! Listen to the violin! She speaks the masterpiece language not yet reduced by abstract intellect and resignation of cynicism. Logos! Violin: the most beautiful design, the world in small: mineral and plant (wood) animal and human (strings of guts and bow of horse hair). Human? It is performing through the fire of bow, breathing in and out of the violin the inner hidden dimensions of meaning, as it is with the entire Europe and her becoming over millenniums! Do we dare to play on Europa Macro Violin to call forth her “music” of hundreds of genius artists, who have been expressing her essence, individualizing her cultural regions throughout the ages for all our senses? Yes it is the Europe of regions that is re-emerging in our time. And the most remote, peripheral regions with no political and economic power can become the light on the path of the meaning creation!

Terra Parzival, born out of the Parzival’s quest for the Grail, is a “hidden” European peripheral landscape destined to contribute, to help guide HER self-search for polyphonic identity, HER individuality. We are full of creative expectations of this “music” that wants to emerge out of the Macro Violin!