Macro violin

Macro Violin Approach

The Terra Parzival European model of regional development will be based on the innovative Macro Violin Approach, developed by Miha Pogačnik.
The key problem of any creation of a project in our time is the quality of communication. The Macro Violin  symbolises the powerful resonance of the master musical instrument (Stradivari, Guarneri), eminating from experience of music, involving heart and mind, and raising the platform of action to the higher, inspired level. This resonance factor is thus the guiding principle for developing methods for social, economical and society transformation. 
The approach is based on connections among three polarity chalenges of the modern society through four guiding principles of Terra Parsival. 

The three pollarity challenges of the modern society: 
– How different disciplins can creatively come together?
– How life can be enriched through vibrant inclusion of diverse cultures?
– How to bridge wisdom and the fire of the will among generations?

The four guiding principles of Terra Parzival (also called  “4 Strings of the Macro Violin”)
To understand them better one have to imagine Terra Parzival as a musical macro-instrument. Can the whole living landscape with its people, history and uniqueness of nature and culture at certain times be elevated, intensified into the harmonious state of an “instrument”? If so, what would this instrument be made of? How could this instrument be played? Who would play on it and what kind of “music” would be coming out of it? Or even, who could hear this music? Can this music from long lost periphery influence such central powers as Brussels in homeopathic way? Is Europa at her core the “unfinished masterpiece of individuality”?

Imagine there is a violin, so big that she covers some 40 kilometers of the Grail landscape between Ptuj and “Mont-Zal-Boc”, across Drava, Dravinja valley and Haloze! And then you crawl through the F openings (caves? The queen of caves here is the one later named Belojača, echoing over 1000 years the Good Friday conversations between Trevrizent and Parzival…) into this macro-violin to listen and experience the powerful resonance coming from the inner periphery of this landscape-instrument…

This instrument is destined to become a creative framework in which the individual participants and groups, entering the activities of Terra Parzival, will be empowered, inspired and supported to embark on their very own and unique way.  

G – Landscape-story & locals string:
The basic experience of Terra Parzival begins by visiting most important places related to Wolfram Eschembach’s rendering of the epic, to listen to essential parts of the story told by professional storytellers in these locations and to meet the local population and experience their wonderful hospitality. Main locations along Drava river, Haloze and Dravinja valley include castles Ptuj (Gandin), Borl-Ankenstein (Gahmuret and Parzival), Statenberg and Strmol, monasteries of Studenice and Zicka Kartuzija, Ptujska Gora basilica, mountain Boc (Mont-Zal-Watch) with Lohengrin legend, Trevrizent’s cave, Donacka mountain, Lemberg, Rogaska Slatina, and many ruins and natural wonders. 

D – Living Art-processes string:
The criteria of artists participating in Terra Parzival activities is the capability to help the audiences enter the Art-processes and in that way activate sense- and feeling perception, only then to be followed by performance. From product to process is the call of our time, the path goes through the passivity of sentimentality into profound layers of experience and deep and sustainable learning.

A – Art of Meeting string:

We want to cultivate spaces and activities where cultures, generations, disciplines and different interest groups can meet in creative way. To support the possibilities of dramatic personal biographic turning points to emerge and find potential solutions. The spaces of diverse “in between” activities are very
underdeveloped in our modern societies. We need more “interdisciplinary artists and leaders”! Indeed, to develop principles of Art into transformation tools of economic life.

E – Identity string:
This is a high ideal, the challenge for all Terra Parzival’s activities to be gradually evolving on the road towards “Polyphonic European Identity” and on the other hand for those who search and dare to be able to find the science
of Grail as modern path of knowing.