EUROPA UNFINISHED MASTERPIECE, a journey to polyphonic European identity

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Slovenia the bridge between the Western Balkans and EU.


a journey to polyphonic European identity


June 26 to July 9, 2020

(Project phase #4, see attached file, of phase#1, 2017)

The schedule 2020:

Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 26

Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina, June 27/28

Belgrade, Serbia, June 29/30

Pristina, Kosovo, July 1/2

Skopje, North Macedonia, July 3

Ohrid, North Macedonia, July 4

Tirana, Albania, July 5/6

Bar-Cetinje, Montenegro, July 7/8

Dubrovnik, Croatia, July 9

Related continuation:

Terra Parzival, Slovenia, August 1-5 

F i n a l e with orchestra and film presentation: EU Parliament/Commission/CoR, Brussels, September 2020 

Every host country will provide and sponsor 6 young professional orchestra players. The orchestra rehearsals will take place in Sarajevo, with conductor maestro Samra Gulamovic, exact dates to be confirmed after they are alligned with Brussels performance.

To whom it may concern: 

To those already familiar with my method of applying “the transformative forces of Art” in the sphere of economy and political life, (please see ) will be able to follow the unique impact of this societal innovation project


 European Union representing interdisciplinary artists and innovators in the fields of the new economy, youth, ecological-agriculture, education and new tourism will work together while travelling aboard a conference bus through the countries of the Western Balkans and co-create networks with regional partners for a meaningful and sustainable future. 

The 14 days caravan with conclusion in Brussels is conceived as an “encompassing Social Art Form”, a “Resonance Platform”, celebrating and mobilizing the rich cultural contribution of the Balkan’s Genius Loci towards the Polyphonic European Identity. The final project outcomes, including a documentary film, will be jointly presented in Brussels EU Institutions in September 2020, where EU policymakers will be able to experience the power of culture by sitting AMONG the players of the Balkan Youth Symphony Orchestra, formed specially for this occasion. (Please see and scroll down the attachment #2, the “surround orchestra”, a description of the disruptive interdisciplinary symphony orchestra method by Miha Pogacnik)  

The method of the project is of an open nature

Throughout the year we will continuously develop the dialogue with institutions and individuals on the designated route; with the goal to enable a “tsunami impact” of cross-cultural, trans-disciplinary and inter-generational meetings.  

Imagine this conference bus as a mobile Resonance Platform enabling the Re-positioning of the Role of the Arts for transformation of society and the application of this in practical fields (i.e. art of leadership, purpose driven entrepreneurship, impulses and dilemmas of youth, from political Position/Opposition to Composition Platform; from ecology and sustainability challenges to biodynamic farming, experiential education and digital detox.)

How will the caravan work?

***official welcome by the host city with all local partner organisations and media

***first artistic event in plenary followed by joined dinner

***presentation by artists of the travelling exhibition

***creative dialogue/workshops of artist and caravan representatives of different fields with representatives of the local communities. 

Fields represented on the bus include:

Power of Art for 

  1. transformation of leadership in business and political life. 

2)      BD Agriculture, sustainability, ecology, water, waste recycling, seedbanks, endangered bees;         and related aspects of the UN Agenda 2030.

       3)      What wants to emerge out of the young generations? Which form of education is needed  today? Revisiting dilemmas of mother and child . What about digital detox? New paradigm in medicine .

     4)      Artificial Intelligence and Ethics? My motto: “NO digitalisation without humanisation!” : What

       is “humanisation”? Epistemology and dilemma of our worldview revisited.            

      5) The future of tourism: Heritage and Genius Loci

      6) Empowerment of women

      7)      Society related innovations, new economy, circular economy, new forms of money, micro tax, threefold societal composition, oloid and more…

 The concluding evening event in every city will be the Grand Finale Gala with joint performances, mobile Art exhibition, short result presentations of the seven above strands, local traditional cultural experience and we want to hear from our hosts: 

“What is the message of your region to the EU people and countries?”

EU Identity Cultural Caravan 2020 is supported by the: 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia 

Slovenian Diplomatic Missions in Western Balkans

Delegations of EU in Western Balkans 

Cultural- and other Ministries of the host countries 

Goethe Institutes of the region

ECP, European Cultural Parliament

Adriatic Council

IEDC Bled School of Management

Gandin Foundation

EOS Erlebnispaedagogik

All remaining partners will be updated.

Because of the innovative and encompassing nature of the project we expect extensive media coverage including social media and live streaming. We are seeking partnership and co-creation with companies represented in this region. 


June 26, 2020, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Opening event with dignitaries, symphony orchestra, mobile Art exhibition. Venue TBC.

June 27, bus travel to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Evening welcome event hosted by Bosnjacki Institut in Sarajevo historic Bascarsija.

June 28, Sarajevo old townhall, Vjecnica. All day event; working groups meet their local counterparts. Conclusion evening gala event. 

June 29/30, Belgrade, Serbia. Programme and venues TBC.

July 1, Travel to Prishtina, Kosovo. Evening welcome event, venue University Library Hall.

July 2, all day event; working groups meet their local counterparts. Conclusion evening gala event. 

July 3, Travel to Skopje, North Macedonia. Afternoon working groups and evening gala event at the National Gallery in Old Town.

July 4, Travel to lake Ohrid, North Macedonia. Afternoon working groups and evening gala event, venue TBC.

July 5, Travel to Tirana, Albania. On the way visiting rural communities of the project “100 villages”. Evening welcome event at COD, Center of Openness and Dialogue at the Albanian Prime Minister’s office building.

July 6, All day event of working groups at COD. Evening gala event, venue TBC.

July 7, Travel to Bar, Montenegro. On the way visiting rural communities of the Albanian project “100 villages”. Evening welcome, performances and mobile exhibition in the special venue of historic fortress Stari Bar. 

July 8, Cetinje, city of kings. All day event; working groups meet their local counterparts. Conclusion evening gala event. 

July 9, travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Finale in the world-renowned historic city of Dubrovnik. 

Return trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia during the night. 

Historic context: This is our 4th caravan. 

First one was in 1992, we rented entire Transsibirian Express and travelled with 380 participants, representing dozens of innovations, from Berlin to Ulan Bator, stopping in Russian/Siberian cities.

Second one was “Flotilla of Peace” in 1994 during the ex-Yugoslavia war, 6 ships sailing from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Piran, Slovenia, visiting refugee camps and populations under the stress of the war.

The third one was in 2004, two months before the entry of 10 countries to the European Union, Slovenia included. It was European Identity Caravan with several conference busses driving through Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland with finale in Prague, Czech Republic. It was for all of us intense learning how to raise intercultural dialogue to the “resonance platform”! 

 November 18th, 2019

Ustanova Gandin fundacija / Gandin Foundation, Dolane 1, 2282 Cirkulane, Slovenia

T: + 352 661 485158