Parzival – Artur: middle and east Europe in relation with west

Here we enter the productive polarity between centre and periphery, fire and form, art and economy, Grail and the Round Table. The “bridge” of the Macro Violin stands at castle Borl on 16° Meridian, the upper end of the resonance body is at Basel – Dornach – Odilienberg. The central line of the violin extends to Brittany, domain of the Arthus’ Round Table, through Orleans and Chartres, “the source of Carnant” (Wolfram), Carnutum, where “the Grail-Sword, the Sword of the Word, if broken, can be made whole again” (Wolfram). Chartres is also the source of the Macro Violin idea 33 years ago. From there the IDRIART movement started the co-creation of over 200 intercultural Questivals, flowing with thousands of participants through the magical landscape gateway of Bled, Slovenia, and from there through all continents as far as Tibet and Amazonia, to finally respond to the call of Castle Borl and Terra Parzival. It is here in the cities of the continent’s centre, where one can feel the resonance body of the Macro Violin bursting with creative will to resurrect the mission of the Central Europe!