Slovenia and Trevrizents path

Castle Borl is exactly where the “bridge” of the Macro Violin and 16° Meridian merge. And the central line of the violin points to Aquileiafrom where the path of Trevrizent (Wolfram, Parzival 9th chapter) extends over Ajdovščina/AgremontinLjubljanaVače and Celje toRogaška Slatina and Hajdina/Ptuj. The beginning of the resonance body of the Macro Violin, the button, rests between the collar bone and larynx (“Flames of Creative Word, Logos”) of the performer, in Donji Kraljevec, and extends to Celje. The most intensive sound, in the highest positions at the top of the fingerboard, is performed on the sacred mountains of Boč and Donačka mountain, in Rogatec and Rogaska Slatina, powerfully echoing from many castles and monasteries in the periphery of the violin’s resonance body, among them castles Planina-MontpreisŠtatenbergPtuj and Žička Kartuzija.