In the 13th century Wolfram von Eschenbach reveals to us, through the mouth of Trevrizent, THE legendary 9th century Good-Friday-cave-conversation with Parzival: „Gandîn von Anschouwe – hiez si dâ wesen frouwe – si heizet Lammîre: so istz lant genennet Stîre.“ / “Parzival’s grandfather Gandin Anschewin (of Hajdina-Ptuj) gave his kingdom of Styria to Lammire”. The whole Styria Macro Violin resonates on the 16th Meridian between Vienna and Zagreb regions, connecting Austrian, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian and Slovenian deep common roots. In the resonance body of the Macro Violin we hear the cultural impulse of Graz and Maribor surrounded by the chorus of dozens of castles. Besides Borl-Ankenstein and Ptuj there are only mentioned Lockenhaus, Bernstein, Seggau with Roman Isis temple and Planina-Montpreis because of their importance within the spiritual biography of Europa.