Terra Parzival


It is the all supporting “catena”, the basebar, which holds the top-down pressure for the inner resonance space of the Terra Parzival Macro Violin: From Castle Borl to monastery Žička Kartuzija, knights and monks, our modern challenge for the balance between outer and inner activity, the one already mastered in times immortal by “Templeisen”, knights of the Grail!

It is the trinity of the violin -“bridge” (on 2 feet: Castle Štatenberg and Old Štatenberg ) and “Anima”, soundpost, (Trevrizent’s cave,Belojača, connected to the sacred well of Studenice and Lohengrin’s lake on three mounts inside mountain Boč, “Mont-Zal-Woch” ) that supports and provides the focus for Terra Parzival 4 strings principle.

It is from Celje, mentioned by Wolfram, to Donji Kraljevec, birthplace of Rudolf Steiner, where the Macro Violin extends, where the vision wants to be tuned! And it is Rogaška Slatina where the healing waters of Boč emerge out of the mysterious depths of the “inner” of the Macro Violin through the music- fountain of the F–hole.

And it is Ptuj/Hajdina from where Parzival’s grandfather Gandin reigned his kingdom, where Roman three Mithras temples resound in contrapoint to three St. Michael churches around Boč and Donačka mountain, confirming the character of the 16th Meridian. And many other castles and churches ruins and caves are waiting to be “played upon”, to produce the “inner voice” out of the central balance between the fruitful plains of Ptujsko Polje and lovely hills of Haloze.

*Text and visual ideas by Miha Pogačnik.
* The violin used in graphics is an exact blueprint of the famous Antonio Stradivari “Betts” violin model of 1704, the beginning of “Stradivari Golden Period”. The blueprints used were made after the original measurements by Daniel Musek, master violin maker, Škofja Loka, Slovenia, and are laid on original geographic maps in authentic scale.