The Call Of Grail: Europa Unfinished Masterpiece

June 26 to July 09 2020 - will partner with CHANGE FESTIVALS!

The call of the Grail story hidden in the Slovenian Terra Parzival landscape.
If you hear it, why should you make the effort to come?
We invite you to join us for 4 days on the resonance platform: REMEMBER THE FUTURE.
We will listen to the ancient story of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival with our ears tuned to the needs of the emerging future (storyteller Norman Skillen. 


We will listen to the ancient story of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s
Parzival with our ears tuned to the needs of the emerging future
(story teller Norman Skillen). We will follow the challenging
thoughts of Rüdiger Blankertz to re-callibrate our world-view and
Miha Pogacnik will support the journey with a musical process.
These three elements and our journey through the magic landscape
of Terra Parzival will provide a living framework for participants’
interests deepening the studies of Parzival theme in various
directions. We especially welcome initiatives which have already
proven to be fruitful in TERRA PARZIVAL:

➢ European polyphonic Identity..
➢ Repositioning the role of ARTS in society ( Art & Business)
➢ re-composition of Society ( Threefold Social Order)
➢ Healing of the earth ( biodynamic agriculture)
➢ Healing of the human being
➢ Meeting of Waldorf teachers responsible for Parzival
11th grade main lesson in Waldorf schools
➢ Initiative HUMANITY !!


Saturday, 1. August

 Participants’ arrival day.
Evening welcome gathering in Cultural Centre Parzival Hrastovec, above the castle Borl.
Beginning of the Parzival storytelling.


Sunday, August 2. August


First meeting of all participants in Ptuj, listening to Partival story, told by Norman Skillen.
Location will be announced.


Ptuj Castle Festival Hall:
Participants sitting among the musicians of the Terra Parzival Symphony Orchestra, interdisciplinary process and performance by Miha Pogačnik, violin.


Lunch on the terrace of Castle Ptuj.

Dominican monastery: R. Blankertz thinking approach challenging the reality of WORLD-VIEW.
Groups with own activities in diverse spaces.


Visit of an Old Roman Mithras Temple and dinner surrounded by bonfire.


Monday, 3. August

Departure to Žička Kartuzija, continuation of telling Parzival´s story, Europa unfinished masterpiece, Miha pogačnik performing music.
Groups continue their own activities.


Lunch in Križeča vas


Continuation of activities in the ruins of Studenica monastery, the place of healing waters under Mont-Zal-Wotch with Lohengrin legend. You will also visit what we call “Temple of Sigune and Shionatulander.”


Dinner at the nearby castle Štatenberg.


Tuesday, 4. August


We will spent the whole day in and around Cultural Centre Parzival, Hrastovec and if possible in Borl.
Besides the continuation of the three main subjects this day is meant to be the day of reflection, open space, extraordinary initiatives, exploration, conceiving visions…


Wednesday, 5. August

Culmination: to the “Cave of Trevrizent”.

We will spent most of the day in the nature around the cave, the Canyon, the ruins of the Old Castle, the initiative Forma Viva etc..


Conclusion final in or in front of Castle Borl – Ankenstein.





320 € early birds – booking until December 31, 2019

380 € /person – for groups of 3 persons min.

400 € –  standard


Lunch&dinner with beverage included

Not included: travel (arriving, departing) bus transfer between the places, accommodation, breakfast.

For anyone in need there is possibility to ask for reduction of the price.




Please pay on the account of:

NAME: Ustanova GANDIN fundacija


BANK: Nova KBM d.d.

IBAN: SI56041730001588278

Reffered to as: TERRA PARZIVAL Slovenia



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