The Call Of Grail: Terra Parzival Awakening

The call of the Grail story hidden in the Slovenian Terra Parzival landscape.
If you hear it, why should you make the effort to come?
We invite you to join us for 4 days on the resonance platform: REMEMBER THE FUTURE.
We will listen to the ancient story of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival with our ears tuned to the needs of the emerging future. We will follow the challenging thoughts of Rüdiger Blankertz to re-callibrate our world-view and Miha Pogacnik will support the journey with a musical process.
These three elements and our journey through the magic landscape of Terra Parzival will provide a living framework for participants’ interests deepening the studies of Parzival theme in various directions. We especially welcome initiatives which have already proven to be fruitful in TERRA PARZIVAL:
➢ Repositioning the role of ARTS in society ( Art & Business)
➢ re-composition of Society ( Threefold Social Order)
➢ European polyphonic Identity..
➢ Healing of the earth ( biodynamic agriculture)
➢ Healing of the human being
➢ Meeting of Waldorf teachers responsible for Parzival
11th grade main lesson in Waldorf schools
➢ Initiative HUMANITY !!

Music Director Miha Pogacnik, Violinist, Ambassador of Culture, Republic of Slovenia;
TerraParzival Symphony Orchestra;
Samra Gulamovic;
Philosophy & World-View, Rüdiger Blankertz;
Parzival Epic storytellers tbc
The TerraParzival Team :
Miha Pogacnik, Adriana von Runic, Rüdiger Blankertz, Dr Davorin Persic, Anita Puksic, Monika & Josef Luchner Rambousek, Peter Vesenjak, Sabina Sneider, Sonja & Jernej Golc, Slavica Lorencak, Katja Sket, Michael Birnthaler, Roswitha Merazzi, Barbara Vossen-Wilhelm.


JUL 27

Arrivals Day in UNESCO world heritage town of PTUJ, Slovenia, 
7pm - Welcome with dinner and bonfire at the Cultural Centre Parzival in Hrastovec near Castle Borl

JUL 28

Castle Ptuj
(Sunday will also be an open one day event to additional Slovenian participants and a separate program will be catered for children)
9:30am to 10:30am Parzival Epic (German, English, Chinese language);
9:30am to 10:30am Dr Davorin Persic Parzival Epic in Slovenian language;
11am to 1:30pm at Castle Ptuj Festival Hall, Miha Pogacnik with TerraParzival Symphony Orchestra and conductor Samra Gulamovic will present Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto Opus 77; (Miha will guide the audience through the masterpiece with his inter-disciplinary method awakening a new experience of listening; the participants will be seated among the orchestra players to enhance the experience);
1:30pm to 2:45pm Castle Ptuj courtyard networking lunch and debriefing of the orchestral experience;
3pm to 6pm Dominican Monastery (in 5min walking distance from the castle) Rüdiger Blankertz, lecture “Challenging the Reality of World-View, a new thinking approach” (in German language with translations); followed by short tea break and working groups, facilitators and venues tbc;
6:15 pm drive to local Ancient Roman Mithras Temple, followed by dinner (venue tbc);

JUL 29

8:30 am departure from Ptuj to a medieval Zicka Kartuzija Monastery;
9:30 am to 12:30 pm music in the chapel, Miha Pogacnik; continuing storytelling of Parzival Epic; Rüdiger Blankertz, Parzival and the philosophical relevance to challenges of present times; followed by working groups, facilitators tbc;

12:30 pm departure to medieval township of Lemberg;
1 pm to 3 pm home made lunch served by traditional locals; followed by Miha’s musical performance in the chapel, in the last historic remains of seven ancient Lemberg castles;
3:30 pm continuing storytelling of Parzival Epic and plenary conversation, sharing experience in local ancient courthouse “Rotovz Lemberg”;
5 pm departure from Lemberg to Castle Stattenberg;
6 pm dinner and storytelling Parzival Epic, chapter “Gavan & Shastermarveille”;
8:30 pm departure from Castle Stattenberg to Ptuj accommodations.

JUL 30

9 am departure from Ptuj to Hrastovec and Castle Borl; we all will spend the day together creating open space and listening to storytelling of Parzival Epic as well as using the opportunity of sharing our experiences, reflecting, exploring new visions, time for new initiatives!
Sunset departure to Ptuj accommodations

JUL 31

Conclusion Day
9 am departure from Ptuj to Makole
10 am to 11 am nature-walk from the Grail Canyon to the Cave of the hermit Trevricent; (hiking shoes recommended);
11 am to 12 noon storytelling in the Cave, Parzival Epic chapter “Good Friday Story”;
12 noon Picknick lunch served by locals
1 pm departure to Studenice medieval Nunnery, the place of healing waters under the sacred mountain of “Mont-Zal-Wotch” which represents the Lohengrin legend (Parzival’s son) and the “temple” of Sigune & Shionatulander;
4 pm early dinner at Krizeva Vas;
6 pm departure to Castle Borl for the farewell gathering;
9 pm departure to Ptuj accommodations

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