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In 2019 The IDRIART Movement will reach 42 years of its „pilgrimage“ around the world. Over 200 festivals unfolded motivating thousands of participants to „pack their suitcases“ and travel with the artists to crisis areas everywhere, to celebrate  meetings of cultures with the local population, turning crisis to new opportunities. – Why this type of festivals? To explore and practise the resonance platform of music as fertile grounds for human and societal transformation, to drive the formative forces  of Arts beyond and above entertainment from the pure source to the ultimate mission!

In 1980 for the first time ever I performed in the Cathedral of Chartres.There I learned the lesson of the resonant relationship between the centre and periphery, of „micro and macro violin“. 33 years later the ultimate resonance responded to my violin in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh (Cheops pyramid). And somewhere in between, the CALL of castle Borl-Ankenstein and Terra Parzival stroke me as a lightening, with the call of the Grail story hidden in Slovenian eastern region. The resonance of the Grail, unlocking the gates of modern intellect to divine healing forces.

Imagine the impossible: „Regional-Social-Micro-Instrument-Terra-Parzival“  resonating The Polyphonic Identity of what I call  „Europa-Unfinished-Masterpiece-Macro-Cathedral“! Yet to the artist (in every human being) only the impossible is of a real interest! The fire of true inspiration turns the pragmatism of the Maslow pyramid upside down: striving for the impossible becomes the basic need. Enduring this attitude generates qualitative changes as it is when rising above political position and opposition to the societal composition!

Can we „hear“ the emerging composition of the Seven Fields of Terra Parzival? (Please see the drawing)

The upside-down pyramid signifies the daring artistic approach of reaching for the impossible and standing in the zero-balancing-point. Diverse forces of Art descend from architecture (3 dimensional) to sculpture (2 D), to painting (1 D) to the fire of music (zero). Now, dynamics of music takes painting through the power of resonance  and transforms to poetry; likewise music transforms static sculpture to movement and architecture to the „Art of the Future“, the Social Art.

These formative forces of Art offer the creative ground for the emergance of the seven activity fields in Terra Parzival:

  1. Art and Business: Regional Inspiration Centre for the  transfromation of leadership. (This concept developed on the base of my 28 years of research and learning in the context of my professional life working with corporations and organisations worldwide. See )
  2. Healing the Earth: Biodynamic agriculture. The rural region of Terra Parzival has great potential and is traditionally ecological. The initiative  Parzival Centre in Hrastovec near Castle Borl-Ankenstein is growing.
  3. Youth. Since 1994 many international young people have experienced the magic of  Castle Borl-Ankenstein and Terra Parzival, triggering the knightly experience of „Remember the Future!“, of searching and  finding the deepest meaning in life.
  4. Re-positioning of the Arts. Liberating high Art from the current role of entertainment  becomes the cutting edge for the transformation of society. Critical is the „taming reversal role“ of economy, where economy begins (again) to serve the human being and not the other way around.
  5. New form of pilgrimage. Tourism as we know it today only started in the 20th century. Before then travelling and going on a journey had another meaning. Think of the mythical travels of the Argonauts in Ancient Greek times and in the Middle Ages of the pilgrimages. What form would take the response to the Call for the search of Self in the future?…to redeem the mass-tourism! Together with the EOS  Movement (learning through experience) we have started exploring and connecting the „3 Kingdoms“ which Parzival inherited, „Eastern, Central and Western Kingdom“. Castles of Borl-Ankenstein in Slovenia with Castle Hohenfels in Germany and the Western Castle to be found….
  6. Healing of the human being. The Grail story is a story of the question that heals, of the healing divine forces fructifying modern intellect. In the centre of the Terra Parzival Macro Violin (see the drawings), around the (sacred) mountain „Mont-Zal-Wotch“ exist springs of  healing waters of Studenice and Rogaska Slatina (known as brands Donat and Temple).  How can healing find here ist own pure source and expression?
  7. Art of composing Society. This is the architectural principle turned into the art of human relationships on all levels. The beginning has been made in last years  with the project „Europa Unfinished Materpiece, the Journey to the Polyphonic European Identity“ flowing across the Balkans from Tirana, Skopje, Pristina, Cetinje, Sarajevo and Ljubljana through Terra Parzival to Brussels. Terra Parzival is to become the learning ground for „co-composing“ truly  Human-Centered European Region with the persuit of highest ideals.